Places To Ride and Visit Near Bradford, PA

Places To Ride and Visit Near Bradford, PA

Northwestern Pennsylvania offers some of the most breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery. The town of Bradford is just on the northeastern fringe of Allegheny National Forest, the only national forest in Pennsylvania. Bradford is also miles away from Allegany State Park, one of three state parks in Pennsylvania. 

Town of Bradford

Though Bradford initially boomed with the discovery of oil, it has since remained a small town in the area. The town is home to the Zippo company and has a small museum honoring their products. A little further south, you could also visit the Penn-Brad Oil Museum, which features old machinery used to drill oil. Further destinations will require longer rides, but to the south, there is the Kinzua Bridge State Park, which features a tall skywalk on a railway that overlooks a gorge. To the northeast, there is also Rock City Park, just across the New York state line that features huge formations and scenic trails. 

The Kinzua Bridge


US-219: This route runs northwards toward Allegany State Park and crosses over the New York State lines. It also runs south, bordering parts of Allegheny National Forest and continues downward passing through numerous towns, eventually, you can branch off the route and reach the Kinzua Bridge State Park

Scenic and Historic Route 6: You can ride along Route 6 which spans across much of the northern side of Pennsylvania. Riding along this route will lead you into the Allegheny National Forest, with an option to continue on Pennsylvania’s Route 666 or journeying eastward. 

PA-59: Going south along US-219 you can turn off of West Warren Road and reach Route 59, which becomes a scenic route along the Allegheny River that runs toward the Kinzua Dam, one of the largest dams east of the Mississippi! You can go deeper into the forest and view the larger reservoir behind the dam too. 


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