The City Dunkirk NY

The City Dunkirk NY

Sharing a northern border with Lake Erie, Dunkirk is a city located in Chautauqua County, New York. The city also borders Fredonia and the town of Dunkirk. Dunkirk grew as a railroad hub and steamship port near Lake Erie, serving passengers traveling through the region. Additionally, the city became a major manufacturing center in the region for steel plants. As these industries restructured, the city has focused greatly on pier and lakefront revitalization, attracting tourists to local parks, beaches and harbors.

Visiting Dunkirk

Natural settings on Lake Erie are highly appealing for visitors and residents alike. Sunsets along the beaches with ample campgrounds and grill areas allow for relaxing outdoor comfort. A popular attraction is the Point Gratiot Lighthouse, which was established in 1826 and continues to remain operation today. The Chautauqua County Fair is also hosted near Dunkirk, running for several days in July, attracting visitors and vendors from across Western New York.

Routes To Ride On

The Seaway Trail: This is a large, 518-mile scenic route that travels mostly in the state of New York, but also enters into parts of Pennsylvania. Through this route, you can travel along Lake Erie (passing northwards beyond Dunkirk), Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Rochester, Lake Ontario and ends near the St. Lawrence River. Passing through numerous cities and towns, there are plenty of historical sites to visit and state parks to explore too.

Peninsula Drive - Erie PA: Driving down about an hour along I-90 can get you to Erie, PA, where the Peninsula Drive is located. This 9-mile ride loops around Presque Isle that lies on Lake Erie, giving you spectacular views of the lake while you ride. There are also campgrounds around the lake area and beaches to enjoy while it’s warm out. 

Grand Army of the Republic Highway - Route 6 (PA): Driving southward into Pennsylvania, you can reach Route 6 which spans across much of the northern side of Pennsylvania. This can be reached southward of Erie, PA or at other points more eastward. Riding along this route will lead you into the Allegheny National Forest, with an option to continue on Pennsylvania’s Route 666 or continue eastward.


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