The City of Erie

The City of Erie


Named after the Lake along its borders, Erie, PA is the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania. The population was 101,786 according to the 2010 US Census. Erie was once a large manufacturing hub, which has become less dominant in the local economy. However, plastics manufacturing is still a large business sector, along with biofuel research and tourism. 

With a bustling lakefront, Erie draws many tourists to the city limits. Presque Isle State Park draws 4 million visitors annually to revitalized shorelines and park grounds. Additionally, Millcreek Mall, one of the largest malls in America, is close to the city, appealing to customers with Pennsylvania's tax exemption on clothing.

Lake Erie


Peninsula Drive - Erie PA: Located off the coast of Lake Erie, you can enter Presque Isle through Peninsula Drive. This 9-mile ride features beautiful views of the lake and sunsets throughout the day. There are also campgrounds around the lake area and beaches with many activities and amenities to enjoy.

The Seaway Trail: This is a large, 518-mile scenic route that goes through much of northern New York State. Through this route, you can travel along Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Rochester, Lake Ontario and finish near the St. Lawrence River. Passing through many areas around Western New York, there are many different places to stop by and visit.

Scenic and Historic Route 6: Heading southeast of Erie, you will reach Route 6 which spans across much of the northern side of Pennsylvania. Riding along this route will lead you into the Allegheny National Forest, with an option to continue on Pennsylvania’s Route 666 or continue eastward.


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