Places To Ride and Visit Near Jamestown, NY

Places To Ride and Visit Near Jamestown, NY

Located near Chautauqua Lake and between Lake Erie and Allegheny National Forest, Jamestown is the largest city in Chautauqua County of Western New York. Jamestown is currently located near the Southern Tier Expressway, allowing for great accessibility by car for visitors. Additionally, there is the Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport that provides scheduled flight service to the city.

City of Jamestown

Jamestown was founded in 1810, growing substantially in the late 1800s and early 1900s with a connection to the Erie Railroad. Jamestown became known as the Furniture Capital of the World, due to many furniture expositions at the Furniture Mart. Downtown Jamestown features year-round events and attractions at the National Comedy Center and the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum. The Chadakoin River runs through the city and connects Jamestown to Chautauqua Lake to the west.

Forest Road near Jamestown NY


NY-60S - US-62 S - Allegheny National Forest: Driving south along NY-60, you can reach US-62 S, which goes past the Pennsylvania and New York State line, passing through several towns to bring you all the way to Allegheny National Forest. The whole route brings you to beautiful campgrounds and natural trails to explore within an hour from Jamestown.

Southern Tier Expressway - Allegany State Park: Remaining in the State of New York, you can travel eastward along the Southern Tier Expressway to reach the Quaker entrance to the state park. You will be near the Allegheny River and find access to the parks numerous camping grounds, beaches and trails.

Peninsula Drive - Erie PA: Driving westward along the Southern Tier Expressway, you can reach Erie, PA in just under an hour and then ride along Peninsula Drive. This 9 mile route loops around Presque Isle which juts out onto Lake Erie, giving you spectacular views of the lake during the entire ride. There are also campgrounds around the lake area and beaches that can serve as overnight residences.


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