Places To Ride and Visit Near Titusville, PA

Places To Ride and Visit Near Titusville, PA

Located near the western side of the Allegheny National Forest, Titusville is a city rich with history involving the discovery of oil and heavy industrial development. Being situated near large forest acreage, sweeping valleys and plateau tops that are nearly 2,300 feet, scenic overlooks, waterfalls, and roadways are ample around Titusville.

City of Titusville:

When petroleum was discovered in the region, Titusville quickly grew to over 10,000 residents.  To commemorate the significance of oil in the city’s history, there is the Drake Well Museum and Park, which contains oil industry artifacts and equipment to view. To the south of Titusville, the Oil Creek State Park contains campgrounds, trails and additional oil industry artifacts. Lastly, the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad carries tourists southward to Oil City, giving a nice tour through its 13.5-mile track. 


Route 408 and 428: From Cambridge Springs in the northern end to Oil Springs in the southern end, this route is close to Titusville and offers views of mountains and rivers with faster paced turns to keep the ride interesting.

Scenic and Historic Route 6: You can ride along Route 6 which spans across much of the northern side of Pennsylvania. This route is further north, from Titusville, beginning after reaching Union City, but going along it can bring you to the Allegheny National Forest, with an option to continue on Pennsylvania’s Route 666 as well.

Route 666: Located in the heart of Allegheny National Forest, this route will take you through dense tree lines with small elevation changes and varying twists and turns along the road.

US 62: Upon entering the Allegheny National Forest, US 62 hugs the eastern side of the Allegheny River. There are gas stops every few miles in small towns along the way and plenty of lush scenery. The route runs northward past the state line, bringing you close to Jamestown and Lake Chautauqua in New York.


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"Titusville PA Oil Festival Parade" by catAsmith is licensed under CC BY 2.0