Places To Ride and Visit Near Warren, PA

Places To Ride and Visit Near Warren, PA

Northwestern Pennsylvania offers some of the most breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery. The town of Warren is just on the northwestern fringe of Allegheny National Forest, the only national forest in Pennsylvania. With over 500,000 acres of forest containing valleys and plateau tops that range up to 2,300 feet, there are plenty of scenic overlooks, waterfalls, and roadways to travel to. 

Town of Warren 

If you are looking to make a trip into the forest, whether for camping or sightseeing, you will want to fuel up somewhere in Warren first. There are also many interesting places in town that can be visited, especially with historic Victorian Homes built in the mid-1800s when oil was first discovered in the area. The Warren Historic District also contains over 580 designated buildings that feature diverse architectural styles including Greek Revival and Italianate. Notable buildings are the National City Bank Building, First Presbyterian Church, a bronze statue of General Joseph Warren, Warren Armory, and Struthers Library Building. 


Scenic and Historic Route 6: You can ride along Route 6 which spans across much of the northern side of Pennsylvania. Riding along this route will lead you into the Allegheny National Forest, with an option to continue on Pennsylvania’s Route 666 or journeying eastward.

PA-59: Turning off Route 6 will lead you to PA-59, a scenic route that hugs along Allegheny River and runs toward the Kinzua Dam, one of the largest dams east of the Mississippi! You can go deeper into the forest and view the larger reservoir behind the dam too.

Route 666: Located in the heart of Allegheny National Forest, this route will take you through dense tree lines with small elevation changes and varying twists and turns along the road.

US 62: Driving southward along US 62 will bring you a nice ride along the river. There are gas stops every few miles in small towns along the way and plenty of lush scenery. Northward, US 62 extends past the state line and enters into New York, leading up to a popular stop, about 30 minutes away, at Jamestown near the southern tip of Chautauqua Lake.  


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